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The Super Bowl with TUMS and DraftKings’ New Game

So, with Super Bowl LVIII just around the corner, TUMS, the go-to brand for heartburn relief, has teamed up with DraftKings, the big players in betting and gaming, to bring you something cool – TUMS Prop Bites, a free-to-play game! It’s all about making your picks on the best game-day foods and seeing how you stack up against the whole nation. And hey, there’s a chance to snag a share of a sweet $10,000 prize pool.

What’s TUMS Prop Bites All About?

So, imagine a game where you get to pick the foods that America loves during the Super Bowl. That’s TUMS Prop Bites for you! It’s free to play, and it kicked off this week, running until February 11, 2024 – the day Super Bowl LVIII, aka the Big Game, kicks off. So, if you’re feeling lucky and want a shot at some cash, make your picks before the Super Bowl action begins.

Big Game Weekend Kickoff at TUMS Prop Bites Food Casino

To add more spice to the Super Bowl and make it a Big Game Weekend to remember, DraftKings and TUMS are hosting the TUMS Prop Bites Food Casino at Circa Stadium Swim in Las Vegas. This exciting event is going down on February 9, 2024, from 12 PM to 6 PM, featuring none other than the hilarious Desus Nice, a well-known comedian. Attendees can jump into games for free and score some awesome prizes.

Desus Nice: Official TUMS Prop Bites Tipster

Not only is Desus Nice bringing the laughs to the TUMS Prop Bites Food Casino, but he’s also been crown the Official TUMS Prop Bites Tipster. That means he’s diving into social media, stirring up some digital content, and getting fans pump up before the Big Game.

Jay Danahy from DraftKings Talks Super Bowl Excitement

Jay Danahy, the head honcho of brand partnerships and operations at DraftKings, spill the beans on why the Super Bowl is a big deal for them every year. He’s pump about teaming up with TUMS for TUMS Prop Bites, a game that lets food lovers get in on the game-day action. According to Danahy, food is a crucial part of the Big Game experience, and TUMS Prop Bites is all about extending the DraftKings vibe, giving customers more ways to get into the game-day spirit.

Jissan Cherian from TUMS on the New Game

Jissan Cherian, TUMS’ senior director of digestive health, is equally thrill about this new collaboration with DraftKings. He sees TUMS Prop Bites as an extra dose of entertainment for football fans, adding more fun to their favorite foods. And let’s not forget – TUMS is there to save the day when heartburn strikes during those intense game moments.

Wrap-up: TUMS Prop Bites – A Winning Combo of Sports, Food, and Fun

Slot GACOR TERBARU. In a nutshell, TUMS Prop Bites is your ticket to a Super Bowl experience like never before. It’s the perfect combo of sports excitement, delicious food picks, and a chance to score some cash. With the add fun of the TUMS Prop Bites Food Casino and Desus Nice taking the stage, it’s shaping up to be a Big Game Weekend you won’t want to miss. So, get those picks in, enjoy the games, and let the good times roll!